Waldner Handels GmbH – was founded in 1993. We trade used auto details, mostly engines and speed gearboxes.

Balance at 22.11.2022 we, The Motoren4you Group, successfully sold 38.155 Engines and Gearbox.

Telefon: +49 33769 40160
Telefax: +49 33769 40161
E-Mail: export@motoren4you.eu

Waldner Handelsgesellschaft. mbH
Steuer Nr. : 049/122/01304
Egsdorfer Str. 01 Ust.
Ident. Nr. : DE 160489784
15749 Mittenwalde

All prices include taxes. You can pay only in euros. The amount of details with indicated prices are limited. There can be discrepancy of photography and item appearance. Delivery price are not included.

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